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Detailed Inspection of Sprinkler and Other Safety Systems in Medicine Hat

At Medicine Hat’s Pahl Fire Protection Ltd, we believe that periodic inspection of safety systems are the key to ensure 100% protection. We do not compromise on safety and religiously inspect each and every device during our checkups. Our team of technicians are well trained to inspect and assess the condition of the device. When it comes to inspecting safety devices you can expect the technician to thoroughly inspect fire safety systems like:

Fire department connections
Wet sprinkler system inspection
Pre-action fire sprinkler system
Deluge system
Inspection of fire sprinklers
Visual inspection of fire sprinklers

After a thorough and successful inspection, we give our clients a final safety report to help them understand the quality of the installed devices. To learn more about our inspection services contact us today.

Thorough Inspection Services

Our technicians carry out a detailed inspection

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