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Repairs & Maintenance

Sprinkler Repairs & Maintenance in Medicine Hall

Pahl Fire Protection Ltd has a reputation in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas for its timely repair and maintenance of sprinkler and other safety systems. Our periodic servicing will test every functioning part of your suppression system to ensure it will always be ready to operate should it ever be needed. We have a fully stocked parts shop which means your fire sprinkler system can be repaired immediately. This also means no out of town travel time or overnight waits for parts to arrive, which saves our customers’ money.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems need periodic inspection as stipulated by the National Fire Protection Association. Getting your sprinklers checked allows us to make sure your sprinkler system is working properly and respond to any problems effectively. We’ll repair any issues and fix them quickly so smaller problems don’t turn into larger ones. Give us a call today for an expert repair and maintenance of your sprinkler system.

24 Hours Service

We are here for you at any time

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