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Fire Protection Service in Medicine Hat and Surrounding Areas

Being prepared in case of a fire is a great way to protect your home, business, or industrial site. For over 15 years, Pahl Fire Protection Ltd in Medicine Hat has been a leader in installing quality fire sprinkler systems that provide protection and peace of mind during fire accidents. When it comes to fire protection services, we ensure to inspect, install and repair and help you maintain fire protection related equipment. Our services also include:

Design and engineering of fire sprinkler systems
Fire pump flow testing and inspection
Fire hydrant water flow tests
Fire hydrant inspection
Backflow preventer testing

Our dedicated workforce at Pahl Fire Protection Ltd plays a prominent role when it comes to customer’s safety. We take all necessary measures to provide the best possible services when it comes to fire protection. Share your valuable information to help us get in touch with you.

Trusted Fire Protection Service

Serving Medicine Hat with trusted fire safety services

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