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Installation of Safe Sprinkler Systems

We install high quality sprinkler systems for your safety

Pahl Fire Protection Ltd: 24/Hour Sprinkler System Service in Medicine Hat Southern Alberta

There’s nothing better than being prepared in the case of a fire. As Medicine Hat’s largest fire sprinkler contractor, you can feel confident as locally owned and operated Pahl Fire Protection Ltd installs, services and maintains your automatic sprinkler system. With a 24/hour emergency service, you never have to worry because our technicians are only a phone call away.

Proven Track Record in Sprinkler System Installations

Pahl Fire Protection Ltd. Is a fully insured company that has installed up to 1200 fire sprinkler systems. We have a fully stocked parts shop which means your fire sprinkler system can be repaired immediately. This also means no out of town travel time or overnight waits for parts to arrive, which saves our customers money. From the design stage through to the installation, Pahl Fire Protection Ltd can provide you with a water-based fire sprinkler system for your:

Commercial property
Warehouses / Schools / Stores / Police Station

Trusted Repairs & Maintenance

We make sure your sprinkler system is in top condition

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance and Inspection

Fire sprinkler systems need periodic inspection as stipulated by the National Fire Protection Association. Getting your sprinklers checked allows us to make sure your sprinkler system is working properly and respond to any problems effectively. We’ll repair any issues and fix them quickly so smaller problems don’t turn into larger ones.

Call us today and ensure you have the proper fire protection measures in place. We are very appreciative of the relations we have made with our customers and are always happy to gain trust with new ones.


Professional Affiliations

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